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A significant amount of SEO literature today surrounds the concepts, best practices, and new tactics involved in getting clients to rank, improving upon link building strategy, etc., etc. However, much less attention is given to client acquisition and the specifics methods that SEO organizations use to pull in clients, manage expectations, and truly sell yourself and your company. The largest hurdles that SEO professionals must overcome is getting a prospective client to first understand SEO, then understand its value, and THEN convince them that this value is instrumental to the success of their business. All of these conversations involve a balance of information, selling, and a touch of finesse.

At the end of the day, if SEO professionals are unable to communicate the value of their services, no client will be willing to pay. Therefore, the proposal is one of the most substantial aspects of SEO. In such a technical industry, communication is constantly an issue for those on the sales end. Even worse, in a typical small SEO agency the SEO experts wear many hats, one of which includes selling their services. As a result, technical SEO geeks are given the pressure of not only performing from a technical standpoint, but must also consistently bring in sales and new clients to stay afloat. This is where the proposal comes in, and efficiency is paramount.

Bidsketch is one of the most incredible proposal tools available today. At Inbound Authority, every proposal that we send to a prospect is given a Bidsketch proposal and our productivity has increased tremendously. Why? Because Bidsketch drastically reduces proposal creation time, thus giving our SEO experts more time to do what they do best, get our clients to rank. From the introduction to the body to the recommendations to the finances, each aspect of a proposal must be constructed in a strategic manner not only explain your company’s value, but also to outline how your value aligns with their company’s internal goals.

Bidsketch provides reusable content to allow for quick proposal creation with a professional design. The ability to automate workflow will prove to be monumental in speeding up internal processes to get out proposals quickly leaving more time for SEO work and giving your prospects a smaller window of waiting time. In addition, Bidsketch provides a way to keep track of all current and prospective clients in one place. Add contracts, store client and competitor information, and take notes to keep all information in an organized place.

Bidsketch also provides electronic signatures for proposal so that clients are legally bound and you can quickly get started on their work. One of the most exciting Bidsketch features is in regard to the analytical capabilities given to users. Using this proposal format, you are able to see when a client opens a proposal and even how they view it, giving SEO companies an inside view into the client which allows for improvement in future proposals. Finally, Bidsketch has phenomenal integration tools with some of the most commonly utilized companies such as FreshBooks, Highrise, Harvest, and RightSignature.

SEO companies looking to boost productivity and increase client acquisition will largely benefit from Bidsketch, its branding capacity, and the efficient that it provides to all users.